Technology is the next great way to market yourself, but are you doing it right? Can you measure the results and use the measurements to get the most for your marketing dollars? Impact! Apparel and Promotions has been working in the Technology field for years, and offer many ways to measure the results of your efforts.

Email & Cross-Media Marketing

Impact! can organise and run an email newsletter custom built for your company's specific needs.

But what's Cross-Media Marketing? It's simple, we help your customers convert themselves from your physical marketing materials (like mailers) into more cost-effective digital marketing (like newsletters or social media). Then we organise their information for you, allowing you to see who's interested in your products or services, and how to better reach your customers.

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Website & Application Design

Impact! has been building websites and mobile sites for years, and now we offer app design and programming.

Whether you need a mobile app for hosting content, or a website to give your company the presence it needs to thrive in a growing marketplace, we can handle it. Want customers to be able to purchase goods online or in-app? No problem. Present yourself professionally and honestly, with our help, and your website or app design.

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